SDPMart Coconut oil

coconut 5L

SDPMart Coconut oil can be ideally used for cooking, skincare, and other purposes. Extracted using the traditional cold press method, SDPMartCoconut oil helps in building immunity and boosting metabolism. It can make your Avial and More-Kuzhambu tastier with little addition of pure SDPMart coconut oil. The sweet-tasting SDPMart coconut oil retains all medicinal and antioxidant properties as it is produced without the addition of any chemicals.

SDPMart Coconut oil has received bad publicity that it's high in saturated fatty acids, which are considered potential artery cloggers, ironically it has medium-chain fatty acids that are heart protectors. Cold-pressed coconut oil is highly beneficial for many ailments as it contains lauric acid. It has tremendous antioxidant properties.

SDPMart Cold-pressed coconut oil smells delicious. It will smoke if heated too much and is unsuitable for deep frying. But it is perfect for the tempering of portrayals and chutneys. It can also be used for garnishing Aviyal, Coconut Rice, Kootu or More-Kuzhambu.