About Us

SDPMart's products aims to preserve the planet for future generations. Our products are the best choice for customers who are looking for the best nature-based products, because we manufacture using sustainable and Eco-friendly methods. We hold pride in claiming that we are one of the very few companies in the world to manufacture products that don't leave any by-products.
Palm/Areca Leaf Plates/Bowls

​Our leaf-based products are

- Made from fallen Palm/Areca leaves. 

- No trees or natural vegetation are harmed.

- 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

-Fallen Palm/Areca leaves are cleaned using water, pressed to shape differently using heat, and it decomposes like any plant leaf after use.

- Naturally water-resistant; contains no wax coating/chemicals. 

-It can be used for any liquid food such as soup or gravy.

- Microwave and refrigerator safe. 


Natural Cooking Oil

Our cold-pressed oil offer

- The finest quality of oil made from raw materials

- Oil extracted using traditional cold-pressed methods

- 100% Natural

- No chemicals used for extraction 

Our cold-pressed oil preserves the natural purity and offers an authentic taste. The thickness and texture of our oil are unmatched, symbolizing the authenticity not found in any other oil.

Natural Sweetener

​Stevia is a family of about 240 varieties of herbs and shrubs in the sunflower family. Stevia is a non-caloric herb that is native to Paraguay. This herb is healthier and an excellent substitute for sugar.