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SDPMart Black Kavuni Puttu Flour - 1 LB

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SDPMart Karuppu Kavuni Rice flour is packed with health benefits.  Kavuni hand pounded black rice has rich in Antioxidants and it is good source of Fiber.  Kavuni rice helps to preventing from Obesity.  Kavuni rice is used to preventing Risk of Diabetes. Black Kavuni rice also contains Important Antioxidant Vitamin E, which Helps to maintaining Skin, Eye and immune health.  Karuppu Kavuni handpound black rice also called as Emperor Rice. 

SDPMart Karuppu Kavuni Rice flour Contains more Nutrients and Antioxidant than any other Rice.

Anthocyanin is an Antixidant in Karuppu Kavuni Rice which helps to prevent Heart Dieases

SDPMart Karuppu Kavuni Rice flour Contains good amount of fibre which helps for easy digestive and easy bowel movement.