Sesame seeds are a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals like copper, zinc, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Virgin Clod pressed Sesame oil is made from pure sesame seeds. It is also called Gingelly oil.

  • The traditional wooden mill provides pure cold pressed sesame oil.
  • The non heating method preserves the goodness of sesame and its health benefits.
  • It contains a good amount of monounsaturated and poly unsaturated fats.
  • It adds immense flavor to the cooking and its nutty taste blends with the spices very well.
  • We follow the food safety guidelines in packaging our oil.
  • No artificial coloring agent and preservatives are used.


  • Used for Cooking
  • Can be used for storing and preserving pickles.
  • Used for oil message.

       Why SDPMart?

  • We supply the food you wish existed-pure like nature, highly nutritious, zero additives, Native variety and directly sourced from farmers. We produce pure oil made by the traditional wooden cold press method. We follow traditional practices to make sure that the oil is free from any chemicals, artificial aroma, solvent residues, and preservatives. We retain its natural antioxidants.
  • Our Mission is to empower our future generation to transform their everyday living into nutritious oriented healthy living.
  • The packaging is 100% hygienic and we follow ecofriendly guidelines.

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15 products